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Senior Portraits

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Schedule Your Session

Schedule your session with us as soon as possible. The longer you wait the less chance you have of getting the date and time you want. 

There is no fee to schedule, in fact you pay nothing for us to take your pictures.


Picture Day

During your session we will provide the Drape/Tuxedo and the Cap & Gown that matches your school's color. In addition to that, you can bring up to two outfits plus any props to personalize your portraits. You will be photographed outside in our beautiful portrait garden, as well as in our newly remodeled studio.


Classic Drape

cropped - CG1_7513.jpg

Classic Tuxedo

cropped - CG1_0548 copy.jpg

Cap & Gown

cropped - DSC_4699 copy.jpg

Casual Outfits

View Images

Within a couple weeks  of your picture day we will send you an email with the link to view all your images we photographed. 

Typing on the Computer

When you view your images online make sure to select your yearbook pose. 


Order your Pictures

Purchase a portrait package, a senior photo album, tassel frame or composite to capture this special moment. Once you place your order the package will ship directly to your home. 

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